Founded Upon Excellence

NextGen Aviation was founded to make Aviation safer and more efficient in ALL aspects and ALL phases of the process.

  • Integrity First: Above all other ideas NextGen Aviation believes that integrity (honesty and transparency) is the most important.  Feel confident that the information we give is 100% accurate and in our customers best interest, even if it conflicts with our interests.

  • Safety: NextGen Aviation knows aviation is the safest way to travel. We also believe aviation can be safer.  From offering the latest in modern avionics technology to our internal processes, everything we do is done to enhance the safety of aviation.

  • Passion:  We Love Aviation! We love teaching our techs and our customers about new avionics technology!  We fly just like our customers because we love to do it! This Passion allows us to connect with our customers and understand their needs on a level that most shops can’t.

Meet David Sprouse

David has had a passion for aviation since high school JROTC.  That passion has continued to grow at every level from then until now.

He got his start in Avionics as an F-16, CV-22, and F117 Avionics technician in the USAF. David has over a decade of experience in the avionics field working on General Aviation and Corporate Aircraft. He holds an Associates Degree from Embry-Riddle in Aviation electronics Technology.

He is also studying for his PPL. As a fellow pilot, he understands your aircraft better than most other technicians. He has a passion for safety and efficiency and enjoys teaching everyone about how their aircraft can be safer.

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