Some of Our Work

We take pride in every job.  Here are some projects that shows the extent of our professional services.


Piper Saratoga Radio Upgrade

Increasing Reliability and Functionality The owner of this airplane was tired of reading between the digits as the displays slowly went bad on his existing radios. He decided to upgrade his 530 to WAAS and pair it with a GTX 345 transponder. At the same time he decided to remove the old Bendix King radios in favor of a Garmin GNC 255a.  Coinsidently, his Bendix King DG went bad the flight before it arrived at the shop. We called an audible, and added a G5 HSI to the package rather than spend money to put a band-aid [...]


Multi-Phase Bonanza Upgrade

Stage 1 of V-Tail Bonanza Retrofit This pilot wanted a full panel upgrade including an autopilot.  After discussing the options he decided that the whole project was to much money at one time. We decided the a staged approach was the best, and we determined the best plan of attack. Phase 1 was a G5, GNS 530W, and a GTX 345 transponder.  This enabled him to become ADS-B compliant while working towards his ultimate goal. The end project is a G3x touch or Dual G5s with a GFC 500 autopilot.  Since all of the components in this [...]


G3X Touch Retrofit in V-Tail Bonanza

G3X Touch with EIS Retrofit This V tail Bonanza lost 40 lbs and gained alot of situational awareness during this retrofit. The project included a digital Engine Indicating System and Custome Pilot's panel and center panel. Making it All Fit was a Challenge Making a 10" display fit in a Bonanza's floating panel is not easy. It required a new panel slightly larger in some place that the original! Making it All Fit was a Challenge Making a 10" [...]

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